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Windsor School District Trains For Emergency Situations In Annual Meeting

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The Windsor School District held their 11th annual Safety Meeting Wednesday night, putting the safety skills of teachers and staff to the test.

The group gathered at Windsor Central High School and were joined by local law enforcement and fire agencies to work through various emergency scenarios.

“Safety is our ultimate priority.”

Jason Andrews, Superintendent of Schools, said safety teams from each of the five schools in the district worked together on plans to prepare themselves for emergencies like an active shooter situation, severely ill students or staff members, weather, accidents, or a violent parent or visitor.

While school shootings are at the top of everyone’s radar, Windsor says vigilance is important even after the tragedies fade from headlines.

“Some sort of a horrific incident is when people start to pay attention. It’s something that we have to do each and every day.”

At the top of the meeting’s agenda was building relationships.

“Discuss what resources everybody brings to the table, and get phone numbers. Who to contact if I need something.”

Lieutenant Ben Harting from the Broome County Sheriff’s Office explained that while law enforcement plays a major role, they’re a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to emergencies.

“There’s a lot of different people here represented and each one of them has a major contributing part of emergency situations. So getting to know those people is instrumental.”

Harting urged that preparation is key, that’s why it's important for districts to hold meetings like Windsor’s.

“You need to be prepared in case it does happen. You’ve got to be prepared and even just walking through, reading policies, learning about procedures is a big part of that.”

Students also had their hand in the meeting, working with teachers to give their perspective, as the preparations are all for the common goal of keeping students safe.

“Seeing 17 people that were shot in Florida, it’s scary for students and to know our community is doing this and coming together makes me feel a lot safer being here.” - Larissa Balachick, Student Body President at Windsor Central High School