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It's Homemade: Old Barn Market

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In this weeks It's Homemade segment we take you downtown to State St., to the Old Barn Market-- and the county's only gluten-free bakery.

 “Old Barn Market started out of our kitchen in 2008, I started making jams to make ends meet," said Owner, Karen Allen.

Previously a teacher, Allen the owner of the market began canning and preserving several years ago. Allen said she was monitoring what her and her family were eating, and the jams were not up to her standards. 

After one to two years of experimenting with different recipes, she knew it was time to grow her business. She started out making 10 different kinds of jams and now they have up to 20-- depending on the season.  


“Very Berry, Ruby Red, Root Beer Jelly, Concord Grape, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Autumn Harvest, Pear… the list just keeps going on and on…”  said Allen.

Their brick and mortar store opened up in 2012, with them just recently expanded to their current location, on State St. The not so little market also features products made all across the region, and even some baked goods, for those with a sweet tooth. 

They have a gluten-free bakery, and its the only gluten-free bakery in the county. 

Allen said their top sellers are cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip peanut butter chunk cookies. Karen is in the kitchen baking three to four times a week, and even more during the holidays. 

You can visit their website for more information, or to view their menu and place any orders in their bakery.