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Florida Shooting Victim Remembered: Hero, Camp Counselor, And Honorary Fox 40 Weatherman

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Funerals and memorials were held this weekend for the victims of the Parkland Florida shooting. It's a tragedy with ties all over the country. One that hits close to home. 

Scott Beigel, the geography teacher who was killed while ushering students to safety inside his classroom was a counselor at Camp Starlight in Wayne County Pennsylvania.

"He would have given you the shirt off his back if he needed to," remembers Andrew Rosenkranz who was at camp with Beigel.

It was that job that brought him to Fox 40. It was the summer of 2012. As part of a leadership training challenge, the Starlight counselors were broken up into two teams. They were then given a list of tasks to complete with "Flat Stanleys," paper cutouts that they had to take pictures and videos of in different situations and locations. One of those assignments was "get on TV." 

Scott Beigel (on the right) visited the Fox 40 studio in 2012, as part of a leadership training challenge at Camp Starlight.

The guys of Starlight walked into the station and asked to be on the newscast. In footage from that day, Beigel gives the weathercast.

A few clouds coming down, but not for us.

The group was able to check one task off that list, and ended up winning the challenge. Scott and crew then became familiar faces around the station, showing up again in 2016. This time, an old pro, Beigel did most of the talking. He took charge, holding the microphone and interviewing Mick about the rainy season. 

Scott Biegel and crew returned in 2016, this time they were old pros.

"Very outgoing, always put a smile on your face, never in a bad mood it seemed like. Just a happy go lucky person who loved life," says Rosenkranz.

Campers and staff at Camp Starlight remember Beigel as a natural leader, fun, witty, and sarcastic. Today, more than 200 comments flood Starlight's Facebook page. So many say Scott shaped their kids lives. 

Beigel was a hero whose life impacted kids from all over the country, before tragedy took it away.