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County Leaders Address "Major Problems" with Food Service at Willow Point Nursing Home

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The company that provides food service for Willow Point Nursing Home is facing claims that their quality of food isn’t up to standards.

In a press conference Monday morning, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar came forward with claims that Aramark hasn’t been providing adequate meals to the 300 residents of the county-owned nursing home in Vestal.

“Late meals, quality of meals, substandard quality, the temperature of the food, and Aramark has not paid some of the bills that we have sent them.”

Those are just some of the problems Garnar pointed out that will be taken up in a meeting with Aramark executives Tuesday.

“What is going on here with Aramark at Willow Point is unacceptable, and action will be taken tomorrow at our meeting to address and fix it.”

Monday’s press conference comes just two and a half weeks after Garnar and County Legislative Chairman Dan Reynolds layed out their concerns in a letter requesting an immediate meeting.

“At the very least we want them to immediately rectify the issues, to bring up food standards to their required level at Willow Point under our contract, and at the very most a recommendation to terminate the contract.”

Garnar says Willow Point’s new Administrator, Ryan LaClair, first noticed the issues shortly after taking over last September.

“Sometimes sitting around waiting for their meals to arrive, to the point where some have declined to eat.. They’re tired of waiting.”

It’s not just the service. Residents say it’s also the quality of food.

“Some of the food, I have to be honest with you, I wouldn’t feed to my dog.” - Rose Smith, Resident of Willow Point

Aramark has been providing Willow Point’s food since 2016, and said this in a statement to Fox 40.

“We share the County's dissatisfaction with the performance at Willow Point and are committed to working together to improve and deliver high quality service like we strive to do for all our customers. We are taking action with the County to address the issues and have already made investments to correct the operations and infrastructure. We appreciate the partnership with the County and look forward to continued constructive dialogue to jointly resolve any outstanding problems or concerns.”