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Olympics A Teaching Moment In Windsor Schools

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The next generation of Olympians held an opening ceremony of their own this morning. Olympic Day at C.R. Weeks Elementary in Windsor is designed to teach students about Olympic values like teamwork and sportsmanship, but also put skills learned in the classroom to the test in a little friendly competition.

Each "sporting event" is designed to teach students about STEAM. The "bobsledding" course is timed, and students have to use math to determine the average and the mean of their team's times. For the luge event, students will again need to use math and science to determine slope and angles. 

"All the teachers came up with their activities," says Principal Kristin Beriman, "They've set the objectives and set up the classrooms to make sure it's a learning environment, but in a really fun and exciting way."

Educators say it's events like this that keep the students engaged and excited about learning.