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Drone Photographer Taking His Work to New Heights

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A local photographer and graphic designer is giving people a view of Binghamton they've never seen before. Drew Lewis, Owner of Big Drew Grafix, has mastered how to use a drone to capture shots of the city from above. 

"It just gives you such a unique perspective of the Binghamton area and what a beautiful thing that we are in," said Lewis.

Lewis got his start back in the 1990's when he performed in "Binghamton's Most Wanted." He later transitioned into radio as a DJ at WHRW at Binghamton University -- he was the host of The Big Drew Show. As an on-air personality, Lewis says he became the "go-to" for local artists looking to get their music played over the air. It didn't take long for him to combine his love of music, video, and photography into his current role as a graphic designer.

"What is a music video but sight and sound, so I know Photoshop, I know cool edit pro, I knew all the buttons to make it make the video so now I can do all three."  

Three years ago, his daughter Heaven Lewis, gave him a drone for Christmas, a gift that would propel his career once again. After passing his drone pilots license exam, Drew got to work and began flying the drone. One afternoon, he lifted it over his home in Binghamton and quickly realized that he had never seen his hometown from that vantage point -- that's where the idea to capture pictures above this area was hatched.

"I got to see this town grow up in itself and become the beautiful thing that it is," said Lewis.

Last year he collected more than 100 of his favorite pictures that he captured from his drone and put them into two books -- Above Broome County and Above Binghamton. Now he spends his time capturing these images from above in order to give people a brand new perspective of the town that they live in.

With two books down, Lewis says he has another project in the works but for now, he's keeping it to himself.

"I want to just keep building and keep getting bigger with it and allow my work to flourish with it and that's about that," said Lewis.

You can see more of Drew Lewis' work on his Facebook page.