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Abdullah Sentenced To 4-6 Years For Weapons Charges

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The Johnson City man convicted after a major weapons bust learned his fate Thursday afternoon in Broome County Court.

Ramadan Abdullah was sentenced to 4 to 6 years in prison after being found guilty back in November on 15 counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of petit larceny.

The 65-year-old was arrested back in May after robbing ammunition from Gander Mountain in Johnson City, leading police to a storage locker in the Town of Union filled with a stockpile of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

During the trial, the jury was told to only focus on five weapons, ones that the prosecution said Abdullah possessed illegally.

Throughout the trial, the defense pushed that Abdullah has been an avid gun enthusiast his whole life and was racially profiled.

“He hasn’t used those guns hardly at all, even at all since many years ago after 9/11. He didn't want those guns to fall into anybody else's hands. The judge after trial handed down a fair sentence, but the DA was the culprit here and should have never gone this far.” - Defense Attorney Matt Ryan

The prosecution, saying they never hinted that Abdullah was linked to terrorism, and that this was simply a case of Abdullah not having a pistol permit.

“When you have five weapons and you’re hiding those weapons in two different locations, and you have tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition hidden out in a secret location, I think it becomes different than.. A different case than just having one weapon that you don’t have a pistol permit for. It was a success and the community is better off and safer for it.” - District Attorney Stephen Cornwell

Ryan said that he plans to appeal the sentence.