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Plow Drivers Working Around The Clock To Keep Up With Snowfall

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Road conditions shut down schools and businesses on Wednesday, and crews are working around the clock to try and clear them. 

"Today we're out in full force," says Dave Hamburg, Public Information Officer with the New York State Department of Transportation Region 9. 

30 DOT plows are on the road, covering more than 1,000 miles of in Broome County. 

"Trying to keep up with the snowfall as best as possible," says Hamburg.

Drivers like Gill Sanchez are working in 12 hour shifts to keep up with the accumulation. Sanchez is second shift, working until 1:30am on Thursday. His route is 17C between Binghamton and Apalachin. To get a clearer picture of how crews clear the roads, I hopped in the plow truck and rode along. 

"What we're trying to do is keep from having ice build up," says Sanchez.

On our drive from Binghamton out to the Tioga County line, Sanchez laid down salt and pushed away snow covering the driving lane. Because of its length, there are two trucks assigned to this route. 

"The guy in the lead takes the hammer blade and he pushes it all to the right and I pick up his leftover and push it over to the right," says Sanchez. 

It took us about an hour to complete that route. When Sanchez dropped me back at the DOT offices, he re-inspected the vehicle before heading back out there. 

Just keep moving and do what you can, you know?

Sanchez and his fellow drivers will continue on their assigned routes while the snow continues to fall. After it stops, they'll do another sweep to make sure everything is clear.