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It's Homemade: Shamrock Creek Farms, What Natural is all About

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Town of Maine -

On this week's It's Homemade segment, we took you to the Town of Maine, where one family has made a living by getting back to the basics. 

Patty McMahon, one of the owners of Shamrock Creek Farms, said her goats, specifically their milk that is the heart of her business. 

“All of our soaps have goat milk in them, so they are really good for your skin," said Patty. 

Handmade soap, gentle on the skin, help McMahon's daughter who has eczema. Shannon, 11-years-old helps Patty with the family business, including the marketing side of things. 

“She actually came up with the name because we're Irish and the creek because we have a creek that goes around the side of the house," said Patty.

Two years after they started and it has already turned into a full-time business.

“We do batches… I do about 70 bars at one time… that’s about 5 cups of goat milk," said Patty.  Today, the line has grown to include a full range of bath and body products, even laundry detergent.

“The cleaning products have really taken off… which I’m really really happy about I think everybody should have chemical free cleaners in their homes, it's better for them better for asthma or allergies.”

Shamrock Creek is sold in multiple stores including Taste New York, and a weekly display at the Broome County Farmers Market. Just Like the laundry detergent, McMahon says it, too, sells out.

“A lot of people that have skin conditions have seen a huge improvement in their skin so that makes us happy hearing the feedback," said Patty. 

You can purchase the products on their website, Taste NY, or the Broome County Farmers Market.