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Broome County Emergency Service Officials Gear up for Winter Weather

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Emergency Service officials are doing what they can to get information out to residents and help keep them safe during Wednesday's snowy conditions. 

The Broome County command center is staffed with 10 dispatchers on days like this, taking calls and assisting those who are caught in the bad weather. The Director of Emergency Services, Michael Ponticiello said there are a few things residents need to know before heading out in the snow.

"If you do have to drive make sure you leave plenty of time, allow for a good following distance, have half a tank of gas, and your cell phone charged just in case, you do get into trouble," said Ponticiello.

He said they are always prepared to handle these conditions, but Wednesday morning has been like any other day.

"We've had about eight motor vehicle accidents this morning, so things haven't been too bad yet, this is a typical morning for us," said Ponticiello. 

Emergency officials have been in contact with the National Weather service regularly as well as the County Department of Public Works, Highway Division, and NYSDOT, to make sure everyone is up to date with information on the snow storm. 

"The public is really doing a great job at driving slow, not going out if they don't have to and taking appropriate precautions.. which is exactly what we want to see today." 

Officials said they will continue to monitor the road conditions until the snow stops.