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Schools Take Extra Precautions To Fight Flu Epidemic

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With over 1,300 confirmed cases of the flu in Broome County, schools across the area are taking precautions to protect students from this year’s epidemic.

“They’re little, they cough, they don’t cover their face.”

For school nurses like Michele Adam, this flu season has been a busy one.

In just the last two weeks, Floyd L. Bell Elementary School in Windsor has seen 7 confirmed cases of the flu.

“Typically we run about 15 to 20 students absent a day, and in the past couple of weeks we’ve been upwards to 40 students a day.” - Lorrie Hulbert, Building Administrator at Floyd L. Bell Elementary School

The school of 300 students began to take extra precautions once they heard this year’s flu season would be worse than others.

“We have hand sanitizer available for all the students, and our teachers are encouraging the children to wash their hands continuously.”

Since the fall, students have had to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering classrooms like art or computers. Behind the scenes, administrators like Lorrie Hulbert, are doing all they can to combat the virus.

“I have a meeting with my custodian every single morning to talk about classrooms we need to touch base on because they have high instances of flu.”

Those classrooms go through deep cleanings, as well as the toys.

“We’re actually running them through the dishwashers in the cafeteria to be sure they are completely sanitized.”

A strict protocol is in place if students do come down with the virus.

“If they are showing symptoms they go right to our nurse.”

“Listening to chests, calling parents letting them know their student isn’t feeling well. They’re great about coming and picking them up, and keeping them home until they are feeling better.”

A safety measure not just for their kids, but for their classmates too.