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CEO of Visions Chosen as 2018 Broome County Distinguished Citizen

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The President and CEO of Visions Federal Credit Union has been chosen as this year’s Broome County Distinguished Citizen Award Recipient.

Ty Muse was awarded the prestigious honor at a ceremony Monday afternoon, giving thanks to the Credit Union for allowing him to make a difference in the community.

Muse grew up in New York, and moved to Broome County five years ago.

He has devoted his time through multiple programs to improve the community, local colleges, and work hands-on with youth in the area, teaching them money-saving skills.

"Financial wellness and being wealthy is not something out of their reach. It just takes a game plan, and that game plan starts by saving today. Time is a way more important value than the amount you put in, but all that time that they have to put aside will assure that they're going to be financially well when they're ready to retire."

The award recognizes individuals who set positive examples and show concern and care for the community.

Several past recipients were also in attendance at the ceremony.