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Weapons Case: Abdullah To Be Sentenced This Week

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Ramadan Abdullah Ramadan Abdullah

The man found guilty of illegally possessing a cache of weapons will face sentencing this week. Ramadan Abdullah's defense lawyer and prosecutors met for a conference behind closed doors with Broome County Court Judge Kevin Dooley on Monday, just days before the Friday sentencing. 

In November, a jury found Abdullah guilty of 15 counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count petit larceny. The 65-year-old was arrested for shoplifting at Gander Mountain in May. The investigation led police to a Town of Union storage unit rented in Abdullah's name. After searching the storage unit and the homes of his family members, police recovered four loaded handguns, eight assault weapons, one loaded shotgun, two rifles, 64 large-capacity ammunition feeding devices, including magazines, belts, or devices capable of feeding more than 10 rounds, and thousands of rounds of ammunition for rifles, pistols, and assault weapons including 50 caliber armor-piercing incendiary rounds, numerous firearm parts, and flak jackets.

Throughout the trial, Abdullah's defense lawyer Matt Ryan argued this was a case of racial profiling and that the search warrant was not obtained legally. The prosecution says police had not yet read Abdullah his Miranda rights when they asked if he had a pistol permit and what the stolen ammunition would be used for. Senior Assistant Broome County District Attorney, Peter DeLucia argued that Police never handcuffed or touched Abdullah until after those questions, which he says was part of the initial investigation and completely within their legal rights.

Ryan says his client stored his weapons in the unit after being evicted from his home in 2011. The defense attorney called this a "paperwork crime" that "would not have gone where it did had his name not been Ramadan Abdullah." Prosecutors say it was a clear cut case of Abdullah possessing weapons that he did not have a permit for, including a handgun hidden in the cut-out pages of a book, which was turned over to police by Abdullah's granddaughter. 

Abdullah faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.