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Google Trends: New Yorkers Prefer Chili on Super Bowl Sunday

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New York State -

New Yorkers are searching for more chili recipes than any other game day snacks ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl game, according to Google Trends. The company says they collected data from uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes in the past week.

The Empire State isn't alone, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas are also looking for the best chili recipes.

Some of the more unique searches include Clam Chowder (Oregon), Bacon Shrimp (Montana), Potato (Idaho/Nevada), Dill Pickle with Beef Dip (Alaska), Fondue (Kentucky), and Ham Bologna Turkey Sub (Georgia).

People in the United States are the most invested in the game itself but Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Ireland round out the top five for countries who are showing the most interest.

Over the last week, the Eagles and the Patriots have gone back and forth as the most searched for football teams on Google but New Yorkers overall are showing more support for the New England. Counties in the east, including Delaware County and Otsego County, have been searching for the Patriots more than any other NFL Playoff Team from July 2017 through January 2018.

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