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Vestal Museum Hosts Work Of Local Artist

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For two years, local artist Greg Milunich has been colorizing old photographs that are in black and white. The Vestal Museum is displaying his work, which includes ten photos of Vestal, ten of the former Endicott-Johnson Shoe Factory, and 20 of Binghamton.

The exhibit gives a new light to landmarks such as the Roberson Museum and the old Vestal Train Station. Milunich said that he begins his process with extensive research into the history of the site.

“For me when I’m going to colorize a photo, it always has to start with the research. I need to know exactly, or as close to I can, what the colors were at the time, whether it be a car, a building, or sometimes clothing. I strive for accuracy when I do these because it’s not just a painting, it’s a historical representation.”

Milunich’s colorizations can take anywhere from an hour to several days to complete. Milunich said he enjoys colorizing family photographs.

“It’s a real honor to do a family photo for somebody because it’s a cherished memory. I want to be as accurate as I can so I’m in constant contact. If it’s a picture of their great-grandmother, ‘What color hair did she have? What was her favorite color, what would she have worn?’ To hear the stories of people receiving these as gifts or looking at them and how moved they were to see in color has been a really great experience for me.”

Milunich said that the exhibit will give people a new perspective about the area and its history.

“I think it really shows a more current light to the history. I think it will really intrigue more people to say well, “It wasn’t just black, everybody pictures history in black and white but really, there was color there was vibrancy to the town and to the history. So I think it will really connect people more to their history looking at these images versus just a black and white image.”

Milunich’s work will be featured at the Vestal Museum from February 3rd until March 31st.