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Grocery Stores Prepare For Super Bowl Party-Throwers

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Americans are expected to spend more than $15 billion on Super Bowl parties this year according to the National Retail Federation. Of course, a big chunk of that will go towards food. Wegmans in Johnson City says the Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving as their busiest time.

"We're expecting a big push," says Wegmans Service Area Supervisor Rusty Dewing. 

They've prepared for the shoppers with temporary displays of game-day essentials like chips and beer as well as bringing on a full staff for Saturday and Sunday. 

"We'll have over 400 employees here on Saturday specifically," says Dewing. 

There will be more checkout lines open and employees are busy preparing party platters for shoppers like Binghamton University students Brad Chatterton and Dave Alcana who are looking for no-assembly-required dishes.

"We can't really cook that well, so frozen foods, all those chicken nuggets," says Alcana. 

Bestsellers for the store include chips, dip, pizza, and wings. In fact, the store has the wings department covered with their Monster Wing Bar exclusively on Sunday. 

"12 different varieties of wings to choose from and you can mix and match," says Dewing.

As the clock counts down, things will only get more hectic for stores like Wegmans, who predict Saturday will be the busiest day.

Wegmans is also collecting donations to replenish the Southern Tier Food Bank from now through March.