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Six Binghamton University Students Celebrate Jewish Rite of Passage

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At the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life, six Binghamton University students made their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs earlier today.

A Bar Mitzvah for a young man, and a Bat Mitzvah for a young woman, is a Jewish introduction into adulthood, which typically occurs during adolescence. But for students that did not have the opportunity to enjoy the milestone before, they were treated to a ceremony that was surrounded by family and fellow students.

Rabbi Levi Slonim, Director of Programming and Development at the Chabad Center, said that the occasion was important because students demonstrated their commitment to the faith.

“It’s a really special day for us. It’s never too late to have a celebration, in a way it’s taken on a deeper meaning here because they’re making this choice to celebrate this and reaffirm their connection to their heritage and their identity.”

A short walk away from the university, The Chabad Center has been helping Jewish students develop a sense of community for 33 years. Students volunteers spent the day cooking, setting up decorations, and making sure the event ran smoothly.

Rebecca Rothstein, who transferred to Binghamton University because of its strong Jewish community, said she is happy to make her Bat Mitzvah.

“Although I am a woman, I never officially became a woman. For all the events that are happening at B.U., I’m always involved and I’m always helping but for this event I get to participate in it, which is really exciting for me.