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NYSEG Offers Tips to Prepare for Winter Storm

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NYSEG says their storm readiness teams are prepared for the impacts of the forecast storm that is expected to bring precipitation and significant snowfall across New York this evening and overnight.

Before the Storm

  • Sign up for Outage Alerts for texts, emails or calls about the latest power outages
  • Keep battery-operated flashlights and radios on hand, along with drinking water and non-perishable foods
  • Make sure that smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are fully charged 

If the Power Goes Out

  • When using an emergency heating source, like a wood stove, fireplace or kerosene heater, keep fuels away from flames and ventilate properly
  • Never use grills or camp stoves indoors because they can give off dangerous gases
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed as much as possible because most food will last 24-hours or longer that way
  • Turn off or unplug major appliances to avoid overloading circuits when power is restored
  • During heavy snow, ensure chimneys and flues are not blocked

After Power is Restored

  • Turn on appliances and sensitive electronic equipment one at a time to avoid overloading circuits
  • If a basement or home was flooded, have an electrician check the home before contacting NYSEG to have services turned on
  • Replenish any emergency supplies used during the storm

The company is urging customers to use caution if they see downed power lines and use caution when approaching utility crews. Additional updates on the storm and power outages can be found here.