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$50 Million Project Turning EJ Victory Building Into Senior Living

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Big plans are in store for the EJ Victory building in Johnson City.

A $50 million project funded by 59 Lester Empire LLC is bringing 228 senior apartments to the historic building on Lester Avenue.

The renovation is the latest revitalization project in the Village, and will add 10-20 jobs to the area.

“We’ve gotten an opportunity now with the Pharmacy school which, as you can see, has kickstarted many other projects, many other opportunities in the Village. All we can do is help them come to fruition and help them move forward.” - Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie

The first floor of the 253,000 square-foot building will be rented commercial space, making the option for seniors to downsize to their own apartment that much more attractive.

“Local seniors who want to downsize to something, their own apartment, yet they can be in the company of others near local stores and services is real great, great news.” - Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

The affordable apartments will be offered to seniors in the area, and those already on waiting lists for other senior living homes.

“The Office for Aging recently did a survey. Many seniors want to downsize, but they can’t find that spot. This will fill an enormous need in our area.” - Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar made the announcement Thursday afternoon, highlighting that it was a bipartisan effort.

“You have Republicans standing behind me, Democrats standing behind me, they’re all in support of the project and they all contributed to the project. That’s how we’re gonna move this county forward is working together.” - Broome County Executive Jason Garnar

The project is expected to take two years once started, and developers are aiming to finish in 2021.