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D.A.: Trooper Was "Justified" In Shooting Man On Conklin Ave

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The Broome County District Attorney says the trooper who shot a man after a police pursuit was "justified" in his actions. The shooting took place on Tuesday after police chased 36-year-old James Giacalone down several Binghamton streets, ending on Conklin Ave. 

"I have determined that the Trooper involved in the shooting was reasonable to believe that the driver of an automobile was using, or was about to use, deadly physical force, meaning the automobile, against him or someone else, and that the Trooper’s own use of deadly physical force was necessary to defend himself, or someone else, from deadly physical force," says District Attorney Stephen Cornwell.

Police say they had a warrant for Giacalone's arrest when he was spotted driving on the city's south side. Authorities say the suspect was cornered on Conklin Ave, where he accelerated forward, hitting the trooper. That's when the trooper fired his handgun, hitting Giacalone in the face. 

"The trooper’s actions, and the firing of his handgun, were completely justified," says Cornwell.

Authorities are not revealing the trooper's name nor other details from that night. The trooper was treated at Wilson Hospital for minor leg and facial injuries and released. Giacalone was airlifted to Geisinger Medical Center where he remains. Giacalone's family tells Fox 40 that he has been taken off a ventilator, but has a feeding tube and is listed in critical condition.