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Sidney Man Wins $1 Million From Scratch-Off Ticket In Masonville

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Donald Savastano is Delaware County’s newest millionaire.

The 51-year-old self-employed carpenter from Sidney won big a few weeks ago on a ten dollar scratch ticket.

“Unbelievable… I mean, I still can’t believe it.”

Savastano is a regular at the Mirabito in Masonville where he bought the lucky ticket.

“He’d come in after work, he did at least a couple times a week.” - Danielle Scott, Cashier at Mirabito

One day Savastano tried his luck on the $10 “Merry Millionaire” scratch-off. He walked out to his truck and did his lucky scratch-off ritual where he scratches his numbers first, then the winning numbers.

He suddenly noticed matching 24’s.

“I seen the jackpot on there and I was like… ‘unbelievable’.”

Savastano was so stunned that he went back into the Marabito to double check.

“He goes ‘ugh’ and I go ‘what? Did you win good money?’ and he goes ‘I just won the jackpot.’” - Danielle Scott, Cashier at Mirabito

Savastano raced home to share the news with his girlfriend, who often tells him not to spend his money on the lottery.

“This is gonna change our lives to tell you the truth.”

The prize money will change their lives and their future plans.

“I’ve never had a retirement plan before, so I plan on having a retirement plan now. Getting a truck, paying off some bills, and investing a bit.”

After taxes, just shy of $662,000 will be deposited into Savastano’s account in two days.

He says he doesn’t plan to stop playing any time soon.

“A million.. it was nice. But 10 million would be great too.”