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Update: Man Shot In Face By Police Still In Hospital

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One man is still in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the face and the injured State Trooper has been treated and released following Tuesday night's car chase in Binghamton. 

Police had a warrant for the arrest of 36-year-old James Giacalone, who they pursued through several city streets before the chase ended on Conklin Avenue. That was around 5 o'clock. Just 45 minutes earlier he was at his sister's Glen Aubrey home.

"We spent most of the day together. We took down most of the Christmas decorations, put it in totes. He shoveled the driveway for me," Jamie McGinnis wipes away a tear.

James Giacalone with his sister Jamie McGinnis.

Sitting at her kitchen table, McGinnis recounts the day leading up to the chase. She says her younger brother was his normal self, with no indication that anything was wrong. McGinnis says he left the house to pick up his fiance at Binghamton General Hospital where she works.

"She said 'well he never showed up,'" says McGinnis.

According to police, he did make it to Mitchell Ave where the hospital is located. That's where the pursuit began, ending on Conklin Avenue where police say he was cornered. Officials say Giacalone accelerated forward and hit a Trooper. That Trooper fired and hit Giaclone in the face.

"He got shot, I guess, right here in the cheek... and blown out his teeth... and went out through the other side," says McGinnis.

Doctors at Wilson Hospital told Giacalone's family he was put on a ventilator and airlifted to Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania where he is still being treated. But Giacalone's family is struggling to get information on his current condition.

"I've been calling every half an hour and they keep telling me he's not a patient," says McGinnis.

Patient information is hard to get due to HIPAA laws. It's frustrating for the family, who are trying to come to terms with what happened.

"We just want answers. We deserve some answers," says McGinnis.

McGinnis says this is not the first time her brother has been in trouble with the law, but she has a hard time believing he would intentionally hurt anyone. She says police came to her home looking for him earlier that afternoon, but she didn't know it at the time. McGinnis says the warrant was due to a missed court date for a petit larceny charge. Police say they can not confirm the reason for the warrant.