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City Of Binghamton Acquires Charles Street Power Plant

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The Binghamton City Council held a special meeting Friday afternoon, voting to take control of the 48-megawatt natural gas power plant on Charles Street.

All six present council members voted yes to pass a resolution to accept the land that was most recently the home of Wellhead Electric.

They announced in December that they would shut down the plant in January of 2018.

The city is hoping to use the plant for municipal electric to power a large majority of the area and save taxpayers money.

"This is us taking an action to say, even in a high-taxed, high cost of living state, we can do something that lowers potentially the cost of living for our residents here in the city.. and that's a really positive movement forward." - Dr. Giovanni Scaringi, Binghamton City Councilman

Mayor Rich David said the city will work with NYSERDA and the Governor’s Office to discuss future plans for the property.

Wellhead Electric has operated the plant since 2014 as a peaking station, used during period of high energy demand.