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Delaware County Sheriff's Warning of Phone Scam

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The Delaware County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to be aware of a phone scam where an unidentified female caller is attempting to convince people to send her a large sum of money. 

Officials say at least one person has contacted them saying the caller did not identify herself but did try to get the victim to send her $4,000 immediately. The suspect claimed she was in a driving accident and would lose her license if she didn't pay her fines immediately. 

The concerned citizen was convinced that the caller was a family member but eventually hung up.

Police say the scam is very similar to the "Grandparent Scam" where a grandparent receives a call from someone posing as a grandchild claiming that he or she is traveling, has been arrested, or injured in order to get the money. 

Authorities say if you have fallen victim to the scam, you should call your local police as well as the state Attorney General's office.