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Binghamton Man Captured After Giving Fake Name to Avoid Arrest

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Broome County Sheriff's arrested a Binghamton man for Criminal Impersonation after he gave officers a fake identity in order to avoid arrest.

Authorities say they were looking for a wanted suspect named "Jason Johnson" at a hotel in Johnson City. Several days prior, "Jason Johnson" told Police that his name was "Meyon Wilson" during a traffic stop. While looking for the suspect in the hotel, one officer observed the man matching the description of "Johnson" fleeing into the Calvary Cemetery.

With the help of a contractor on the roof of a nearby building, Police were able to locate the suspect hiding in a bush. "Johnson" was arrested and taken to the Sheriff's Office for processing. While being booked, the suspect was fingerprinted and it was determined that he was, in fact, 31-year-old Terell Forbes.

Forbes is a New York State Parole Absconder with an active warrant. He was charged with two counts of Criminal Impersonation and is being held in the Broome County Sheriff's Correction Facility on the parole warrant without bail.