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Toys "R" Us Staying Open 63 Hours Straight Leading Up To Christmas

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Toys “R” Us stores nationwide are staying open for 63 hours straight leading up to Christmas

Fox 40 caught up with shoppers at the Johnson City location who are getting their last minute gifts.

“It’s good for us, for last minute shoppers. It’s good for the economy cause people are buying, and it's actually good for the employees because now they're getting overtime I would assume." - Cathy Santiago, Binghamton

Toys “R” Us stores across the country turned on their lights at 6 a.m. Friday morning and won’t shut them off until 9 p.m. Christmas Eve.

156 million Americans are expected to hit the stores this weekend to get last minute gift items on their lists according to the National Retail Federation.

The store on Harry L. Drive saw a steady flow of people Friday afternoon.

“I thought I had more time but apparently I do not. I forgot a couple of people, a couple of children which is the worst ones to forget. I’m buying my last minute gifts for them right now.” - Cathy Santiago, Binghamton

Santiago, whose children are all adults, is shopping for her nieces and nephews. She makes sure to buy toys that are educational and fun.

“If I buy a barbie or a truck, I want it to teach a lesson.. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, real life lessons and at the same time they have fun with it.”

Some are overwhelmed by the variety of toy options and what children are asking.

Dustin Root of Windsor is one of them. He’s shopping for his 7-year-old and 8-year-old daughters.

“It's hard to keep up with everything that they watch, that they like. They like all different kinds of barbies, all different kinds of toys always coming out.”

He says the hassle is always worth it when they open their presents on Christmas morning.

“It’s fun though because when you find something they really like, they’re so happy. Just to watch them smile is all worth it.”