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"Game Changer" Odero set to debut for Bearcats

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Former Oneonta Yellow Jacket standout Albert Odero will take the floor for the BU Bearcats for the first time on Friday.  Odero transferred to BU at the semester break last year and has not sat out the required full year, becoming eligible this week.

Odero thrilled area basketball fans with his superior athleticism and high flying dunks before leaving Oneonta High School for St. John's Catholic Prep in Maryland.  Now that he returns to the Southern Tier, the Bearcats are expecting him to be, at times, a game changer.  The biggest problem will be finding minutes for him on the floor, as the Bearcats have seen a lot of success already.  However, Tommy Dempsey also knows that Odero needs to play if the Bearcats success is to continue.

"We have to make sure it's not a wasted year for him because it does get tough.  Normally when you go through non-league you play more guys and as you get into conference play you play less guys.  Now we're in a position where we're probably going to start playing more guys, so that's interesting," Dempsey said.  "But I have to get Albert time because as we go through the conference season as we get into February, he is one of our more talented kids, especially physically.  We hope to have a lot on the line throughout the conference season where we have really big games.  There's going to be nights where I think he can be a difference maker.  He needs to get better and better and he can't do that sitting on the bench."

Odero and the Bearcats host LIU on Friday at 7:00.