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Fighting Breast Cancer Holiday Classic announced

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For the first time a premiere national girls high school basketball tournament will be held in Broome County.  The Fighting Breast Cancer Holiday Classic will take place December 29-30.  Binghamton High School will host the tournament and all games will be played at Davis College.  Union-Endicott will also play in the tournament.

With the rich history of national basketball tournaments in the area with legacy of the Stop DWI Holiday (now-Winter) Classic, this inaugural tournament is an exciting addition to the area.

"People say 'they are in Binghamton, New York, where's Binghamton New York?'  The same thing they did when the Stop DWI first came about.  I don't want to say it is a replacement, because I don't think that does the Stop DWI justice.  I want to say we added on to the legacy of the area with the basketball tournament that is coming next week," said Event Coordinator Greg Johnson. 

"Its a good time to bring awareness to the breast cancer, as well as bringing an exciting atmosphere to make it fun and have a good learning experience for not only the girls but the spectators as well," said Patriots Head Coach Willie Fann.

All proceeds from the tournament will go to the UHS Foundation, for breast cancer research.

The three divisions of the tournament are named after three of the best female basketball players to come through the area: Lawanna (King) Augustine, Melissa Manzer, and Jennifer (Gaeta) Wegmann.

Games Dec 29th 2017:
1:00pm: Holcombe Rucker HS (NYC) vs Union Endicott (NY)
2:30pm: Binghamton HS (NY) vs Boy's & Girls HS (NY)
4:00pm: Hudson Catholic (NJ) vs Trinity HS (OH)
5:30pm: Mary Louis Academy (NYC) vs Summit Academy
7:00pm: Rock Creek Christian (MD) vs The Patrick School (NJ)

Games Dec 30th 2017:
11:30am: Losers of the Jennifer Wegmann Bracket
1:00pm: Loser of the Melissa Manzer Bracket vs Boy's & Girls (NYC)
2:30pm: Loser of the Melissa Manzer Bracket vs Binghamton (NY)
4:00pm: Championship game Jennifer Wegmann Bracket
5:30pm: Championship game of the Melissa Manzer Bracket