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New County Law Creates Animal Abuser Registry

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A new County law will create an online Animal Abuser Registry to prevent Broome residents convicted of animal abuse crimes from adopting, purchasing or obtaining animals.

"For many of us, our pets are absolutely like family members and we need to make sure they're protected," said Jason Garnar, Broome County Executive.

In November, the Broome County Legislature led by Mary Kaminsky (District 14) approved the resolution to establish the registry.

"We will establish the Animal Abuser Registry and diligently maintain it in order to protect animals from potential abusers," said Eric Janis, Broome County Undersheriff.

Animal abuse crimes include abandonment, failure to provide proper food and drink, animal fighting, and aggravated cruelty.

Animal Abuse Crimes

  • Prohibition of animal fighting
  • Torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance
  • Aggravated cruelty to animals
  • Abandonment of animals
  • Failure to provide proper food and drink to impounded animals
  • Carrying animals in a cruel manner
  • Poisoning or attempting to poison animals
  • Interference with or injury to certain domestic animals
  • Throwing substance injurious to animals in public place
  • Clipping or cutting the ears of dogs
  • Companion animal stealing
  • Removing, seizing or transporting dogs for research purposes
  • Sexual misconduct with an animal 
  • Harming a service animal 
  • Killing or injuring a police animal
  • Harming an animal trained to aid a person with a disability
  • Use of a dangerous instrument where such dangerous instrument is an animal

The Registry shall contain the required information about each Animal Abuse Offender for a period of 15 years following a person's release from their first conviction and will be on the Registry for life if they have a previous conviction. If a court decision is overturned, the Broome County Sheriff's Office must remove that person from the Registry within five days.

"This registry will help prevent animals from becoming the next "victim" by placing them with prior offenders," said Jordan Patch, Animal Adventure Park Owner.

According to Section 5 of the new law, all animal abuse offenders who reside in Broome County must register with the registry within five days of their release from incarceration. Each person will be required to provide their name and any aliases they may be known by, their address, date of birth, and a photograph as well as pay $125.

The Sheriff's Office is currently working with Broome County Information Technology to get the website up and running by January 2018.