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Mothers & Babies Receives $10,000 To Help Families Navigate Health Insurance

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A boost in funding will help families navigate health insurance issues. Mothers & Babies received $10,000 in state funding. The organization says this will help staff the Health Advocacy program which helps families deal with insurance lapse, denied health coverage, and serious medical needs.

"It is very clear to me that better equipped parents means stronger and healthier families and children," says Senator Fred Akshar.

Mothers & Babies Executive Director Sharon Chesna says the Health Advocacy program is state funded, but due to cuts in the budget, it's not always enough to operate at full capacity.

"There is not enough to fund the 27 partners across the state to the full capacity for what they need for the project," says Chesna.

Chesna says that's why extra funding like this is so important to the organization.