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Details Of Investigation Into Broome County Judge Will Be Made Public "Hopefully Soon"

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The investigation into Broome County Family Court Judge Rick Miller is still ongoing, but taxpayers could know what is going on "hopefully soon" according to Chief Administrative Judge of the New York State Court System Lawrence Marks.

In Binghamton for a routine visit with local judges and to tour the court buildings, Marks spoke with Fox 40 and says he can not comment on the status of the investigation other than that short timeline. 

Miller was removed from the bench and reassigned to other duties in August. At that time, a spokesperson from the Unified Court System issued the following statement:

His duties were modified. He's not sitting the bench or trying cases. This is for the foreseeable future.

— Lucian Chalfen, a representative from the Unified Court System.

Fox 40 reached out to Chalfen again for an update, but he was unable to say anything other than "the investigation is ongoing."