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One More Traffic Pattern Change On Prospect Mountain Before Winter

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Construction season may be over, but you wouldn't know it looking at Prospect Mountain. Work will be continuing right through the winter, but first, drivers can expect another pattern change on I-81.

By the end of the day Thursday, traffic will be redirected onto new bridges, allowing crews to tear down the existing structure and move ahead with the project. 

Department of Transportation Region 9 Director Jack Williams says the new bridges will make it easier for plows and salt trucks to navigate.

"We're in better shape this year with snow and ice removal," says Williams, "The new structure is wider than what we had last year."

Most of the winter construction will take place underneath, but drivers still need to be cautious on the roadways.

"We could have construction vehicles traveling from point A to point B entering in and out of the traffic," says Williams.

The speed limit will remain at 45 miles per hour.