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Flood Damaged Home Demolished 6 Years Later

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Damage from the flood of 2011 is still seen throughout Broome County neighborhoods. Tuesday, a flood ravaged home in Vestal was torn down. 

The house at 349 Second Ave has been vacant since the flood. Town Supervisor John Schaffer says the owners packed up and left it behind, letting the house fall into bank hands. 

"Packed up and left. Left the car in the driveway, abandoned the property and it's been a process since 2011 to today to get it torn down," says Schaffer, "Because of the law, we couldn't touch the car in the driveway or do anything with the property."

Schaffer says it is because the house was abandoned that FEMA funds could not be used to take care of the property. The demolition is funded by the Land Bank Community Revitalization Initiative and cost $8,860. 

This is the last property in a wave of demolitions carried out by the Broome County Land Bank since November 27th.