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Animal Adventure Park Preps for Winter

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Animal Adventure Park home to a variety of different species has been getting its animals ready for winter since October. The park's owner, Jordan Patch, said it really depends on the animal. 

"For a lot of our animals that are temperature sensitive we have heated barns and buildings that they do retire to, when the cold really does set in," said Patch.

One of those heated barns houses April the Giraffe, Oliver and baby Taj. In addition to keeping their animals warm, they are feeding them a little more during the colder months. Patch said they up their caloric intake, and get fed twice a day with food that is higher in fat and protein. 

Some of the animals actually prefer winter like their Arctic Wolves, Reindeer, Bison, and Lynx. Patch said they love being outside and they are more active during the winter. 

Their Arctic Wolves Odin and Luna are two of their animals that are more fond of the colder temperatures.

"Their coat comes in fully, which is what they are designed for living in these cold arctic conditions so winter is their best time of year," said Patch.

While some residents across the Southern Tier may not be ready for winter to take its course-- Animal Adventure is.

"Our snow blowers are oiled up and gassed up, so more or less its just being prepared for whats coming on and dressing a lot warmer," said Patch.

The park is open every weekend in December for their brand new holiday winter festivities, you can visit their website for more information.