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New Yorkers Frugal With Spending, Generous With Giving According To Poll

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It's that time of year again, where the stores are busy and shoppers are hurrying to complete their holiday gift lists. Stores will have to work a little harder to get New Yorkers to open up their wallets this year. According to a poll by Siena College, half of New Yorkers are planning on spending less than $500 on gifts this year. 89% of New Yorkers plan on spending the same or less than they did last year. 

"I'm going more small stuff this year between my kids and my grandkids. They have everything, so it's really just odds and ends," says Sharon Egan. 

While spending is down, the poll shows that charitable giving is still strong throughout the state during the holiday season. In 2017 76% of New Yorkers say they will give money, food, or gifts to charitable organizations.

"Christmas Eve, you know, we used to exchange gifts, but now we each give money for the food pantry at St. James, you know, something in that nature," says Egan. 

Giving back in a different way, the Spitzers say they donate blood during the holidays and throughout the year. 

"Well, we volunteer. I volunteer for the Red Cross and my wife is a blood donor. She's been donating for around 20 years now," says Bob Spitzer.

Holiday donations have been strong among New Yorkers over the past 10 years. It was the highest in 2007, with 81% saying they were planning on donating.