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Local Teenager Packs up Gifts for Veterans

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Thanks to one 14-year-old girl, over 70 pounds of food and gifts are packed up and ready to be shipped to Veterans. 

Ariana Westbrook said she was inspired by her cousin who is a Marine. She first collected items to ship to vets last holiday season and was happy to collect even donations this year. 

"I want to be able to help out and give back to all of them who go and fight for our freedom so that we can do whatever we want every day," said Westbrook. 

Collecting items since October her two little sisters, Shaylee, 5, and Chloe-sage, 8, also helped out this year. 

"We collected a lot of cards, from kids my age to their age," said Ariana. 

Games, notebooks, pens, toothpaste, goldfish, granola bars, and more-- Ariana said she is grateful to everyone who donated. 

A local business in even played a role-- Sean Harrigan, the owner of Pack & Mail, helps in donations and gets the packages ready to be shipped. He said he is happy to be apart of this, and think's its great a 14-year-old is thinking of the men who serve our country. 

Ariana said she hopes next year is even bigger and plans to reach out to more local businesses to get involved.