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Toughest road still ahead for Forks

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Every year the goal for Chenango Forks football remains the same, win a state championship.  It's almost not even a goal, it's an expectation.  The Blue Devils have won five state titles in program history and 16 Section IV Titles.  They're arguable the most dominant team in Section IV history, winning 15 of the last 17 Section IV Titles, including this year.  Of those 15, only four times have they failed to make it to the Carrier Dome for the State Championship, with another chance this weekend.

The Blue Devils take on Cheektowaga on Saturday in the Class B State Semis.  Coming off a 28-9 win over Homer in the Regional Finals last weekend, the Blue Devils are again riding high into the semis.  While they expect another win this weekend, they're not taking anything for granted and if experience has taught them anything, it's that the road ahead isn't getting any easier.

"Their ultimate goal, we don't really even talk about it all that much because we talk about one game at a time.  We talk about them getting tougher," said Head Coach Dave Hogan.  "When we practice this week, this is going to help us, knowing that this is the way it's going to be, knowing the next game could be tougher and probably will be.  We're going to have to work that much harder and I think we'll have a good week of practice because of that."

Kick off Saturday between Forks and Cheektowaga is at 3:00 at U-E's Ty Cobb Stadium.