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Middle School Students Learn Lessons From Binghamton University Athletes

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Johnson City Middle School students got to talk with members of the Binghamton University Women's Basketball team on Tuesday. The team stopped by to chat with these students about teamwork, working hard, and how to make it as a college athlete.

"It's great to get in with the kids and show them that anything is possible. I told them, when I was in their shoes,in 5th and 6th grade, I wasn't very good at basketball, but I grew up and practiced and practiced," says Alyssa James, a player on the team and senior at Binghamton University.

Students were able to ask questions. For Jeana Wizell, a 6th grader and aspiring basketball player, that was the highlight of the morning.

"I was happy because I never got to talk to a basketball athlete before and that was fun," says Wizell.

The players hope to continue on with this tradition of visiting the students each year.