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VERDICT: Abdullah Found Guilty On All 16 Charges

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Ramadan Abdullah Ramadan Abdullah

After eight hours of deliberations, jurors on Tuesday afternoon found Ramadan Abdullah guilty on 15 counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of petit larceny.

Abdullah could face up to fifteen years in prison.

Jurors returned with the verdict in the weapons trial after breaking for lunch in the second day of deliberations.

Earlier, jurors asked to re-watch defendant Abdullah's Monday testimony. Members of the jury also asked the court for a definition of the word “possession.”

The focus of the jury's questions centered around a pistol that was found inside of a hollowed out book in belongings that Abdullah’s granddaughter turned over to police. Abdullah has repeatedy stated the weapon is not his. The jury ultimately decided it was.

The Broome County man was arrested back in May for attempting to rob ammunition from Gander Mountain, leading police to a Town of Union storage unit where Abdullah had a stockpile of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Abdullah's lawyer, Matt Ryan, has been saying that the case escalated into something bigger because of racial profiling.

“This would not have gone where it went if it wasn’t for his name being Ramadan Abdullah and what that portrayed to police at the time.” - Defense Attorney Matt Ryan

“This case was absolutely not about profiling, it was not about gun rights, it was about somebody illegally possessing weapons because they had pistols that they didn’t have a permit for. Nothing more and nothing less.” - District Attorney Stephen Cornwell

Ryan says he will appeal the verdict.

Abdullah is set to be sentenced on December 19th at 1:30 p.m.