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Jury Unable To Reach Verdict In Abdullah Trial, Deliberations Enter Day Two

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A contentious day in court between Defense Attorney Matt Ryan and Judge Kevin Dooley as the jury began deliberations in the Ramadan Abdullah weapons trial.

Deliberations are set to enter a second day after jurors could not reach a verdict after two and a half hours.

In day three of the trial, Abdullah told jurors he rented a storage unit for his weapons and ammunition after he lost his home to foreclosure in 2012.

Abdullah said he wasn’t stockpiling weapons to carry out a crime, and he denies hiding a gun in a book like his granddaughter, Raiana Rodriguez, claimed during her videotaped testimony.

Assistant District Attorney Pete DeLucia told jurors this case is not about why Abdullah had dozens of guns in his possession and thousands of rounds of ammunition, but that he had them in his possession illegally.

Abdullah could get fifteen years in prison if convicted.

Ryan and Judge Dooley bickered throughout the trial, with Dooley interupting Ryan at least twenty times.

Deliberations continue Tuesday.