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Music Echoes at Trinity AME Zion Church's Gospel Fest

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In a small neighborhood, at a small church came some of the biggest sounds. Sunday, guests and members of the Trinity AME Zion Church congregation, and Women's Home & Overseas Missionary Society, in Binghamton gathered for the first ever Gospel Fest.

What was slated to be a coming together of local and out-of-town church choirs was slightly altered due to miscommunication between parties, but that didn't stop other vocalists and musical performers from making the night a joyous occasion.

"Some people like to hear a full choir sing, this was our first [Gospel Fest], but basically it became a smaller ensemble," said Reverend Paul Gordon Carter, Gospel Fest Host.

For a small ensemble with large-scale hearts, Rev. Gordon said the amount of joy and happiness that arose from the 50+ people that gathered to praise God is a testament to the hope the world needs today. And everyone that came out had something they needed to lift them up.

"We can come together in the spirit of joy in the midst of all the sadness that is all around us. In a society we're living in now, some of us need a double dose of happiness," said Rev. Paul Carter.

As one unique performer of Gospel Fest said, he decided to sing in order to reach out to the younger generation. According to George Woolfolk, he wanted to help change the stigma of having a devout Christian Faith.

"I don't want anybody out there thinking that being a religious person is all boring and taboo. Glorifying the Lord is a beautiful thing to do and you have I lot of fun doing it. At least I do anyway," said George Woolfolk, rap music performer.

Church leaders said another Gospel Fest is slated for 2018, and this time they will make sure all of the choirs get to the stage.