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Veterans for Peace Want Veterans Day Changed to Armistice Day

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Dozens of members of the group Veterans for Peace stood outside the First Congregational Church in Binghamton to voice their concerns on militarization. A large sign on the side of the church read, "Health Care and Education before Militarization." Members also created around one hundred Iraqi tombstones as a way to educate people on the terror in the Middle East. The tombstones lined the south side lawn of the church. 

President of the Broome County Veterans for Peace, Jack Gilroy, is also pushing to change Veterans Day back to its original name, Armistice Day.

"Today in our opinion should not be Veterans Day, it should be Armistice Day. We believe that Veterans Day has come to a time where people praise war and the warriors. But Armistice Day was the original November 11th event. It was the celebration of the end of armaments, the end of war. It was a time of peace and not celebrating fighting a killing, but say it's over with and lets keep it that way," said Gilroy. 

Veterans for Peace is a global organization made up of military veterans who inform the public of the causes of war. The organization works to provide services to veterans and victims of war while working to end all wars around the world. Veterans for Peace has over 140 chapters around the world. 

The Broome County Veterans for Peace, Chapter 090, is very active in the community. For more information, you can visit the website here.