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Girls Learn How to Build Robots at Kopernik Observatory and Science Center

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Girls in grades two through six learned how to build and program robots at the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center. Girl Power Robotics is a class designed to help empower girls in the field of engineering.

The students first started out with a simple pre-programmed robot, and were taught how pick objects up with it. Next the students were taught out to build a pre-programmed robot. And by the end of the day, all of the girls also built and programmed their very own robot. 

"A lot of times girls are too shy and not sure of their skills in technology. So we give them a chance to put their hands on it. Even this morning we saw some girls who said 'I don't want to touch it. I'm afraid I might break that.' Were just giving them the confidence for girls to study the technology we really need," said Tish Bresee, Science Educator for Kopernik and NASA Solar System Ambassador.  

All the students worked in groups and activies adaptable to their grade level. The class is just one of a two part series. The next class girls will be heading to the coast to learn about the ocean.