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Bristol mother to get new furnace after landlord refused to fix it

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Kaitlyn Naples & Courtney Zieller

Bristol, Connecticut -- A Bristol mother of two may finally get a new furnace after being without heat for the past week.

After her story aired on Channel 3 on Wednesday, the city got involved, forcing the property owner to replace the furnace, reportedly by Friday afternoon.

When Porscha Michaud woke up Thursday morning, the temperature inside her home was inching below 60 degrees.

She said she hasn't had heat all week, and that her landlord wouldn't fix her furnace that has been deemed "unsafe" by Eversource.

The Bristol Building Department said they didn't know about the issue until Michaud's story aired on Channel 3 on Wednesday.

The Health Department said they've been trying to get this to move along since Monday.

Both departments were at the home on Thursday morning. They said a new furnace is expected to be installed on Friday.

Renters have rights, as there's a law by the state Department of Health, saying the property owner has to supply heat to a tenant, and at least 65 degrees "...unless the owner or lessor furnishes a statement signed by the lessee agreeing to such termination or a notarized statement signed by the lessor to the effect that the premises are vacant."

The city said if the property owner didn't comply, they could be arrested.

Channel 3 tried to talk to the property owner on Wednesday over the phone, and tried to talk to him in person on Thursday at his home but nobody answered the door.

The city did offer Michaud a place to stay Thursday night but she says she can deal with it for one more night.


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