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Blast With the Past Event to Raise Funds for Historical Marker in Lisle

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A 'Blast With The Past', the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier gathered to watch silent movies and raise funds on Thursday night. 

Honoring the memory of people's theater while raising money for the historic preservation. Those funds, will be going towards a historic marker in Lisle-- for the 100th Year Anniversary for the woman's right to vote. 

 "That's the idea of this fundraiser.  We've got raffles going on, we've got a donation bucket, and whatever money we bring in from this will go directly to towards covering the cost of that marker and the instillation," said The President of the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier, Roger Luther.

The marker will go up on January 5, 2018, exactly 100 years after the first woman vote was cast.