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Friday's result doesn't dictate Bearcats season

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Do the Bearcats want to win Friday?  That's a silly question, they want to win every game.  Do the Bearcats have to win Friday?  No.  Friday's home opener against Morgan State is one of 31 games on the regular season schedule for the BU men, so the possibility of a loss Friday doesn't phase them much.

That being said, in Tommy Dempsey's first five years on campus, wins have been hard to come by.  His highest win total at BU was last year when the Bearcats went 12-20 and struggled with several injuries throughout the season.  So, while one loss to start the season doesn't make the whole season a lost cause, it would be nice to start the year off on the right foot.

"The truth is, whether we in or lose Friday night, 2:00 on Saturday we'll be in here getting ready for Cornell," Dempsey said.  "Given the choice would you rather be 1-0 or 0-1?  Certainly you'd rather be 1-0.  You certainly would rather win your home opener but I don't feel any pressure to do that, I just feel excited to play.  But we'll be in there correcting mistakes whether it's after a win or after a loss and trying to be better Monday night against Cornell.  This season isn't going to feel like a success or a failure based on the game on Friday night."

The Bearcats open season at home on Friday with a 7:00 tipoff against Morgan State.