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Six Witnesses Testify In Day Two Of Abdullah Trial

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Six witnesses took the stand in day two of the Ramadan Abdullah trial, a Johnson City man arrested for having a stockpile of weapons in a Union storage unit.

One of those witnesses, Abdullah’s 26-year-old granddaughter, spoke in a pre-taped testimony.

The Binghamton University graduate who is currently living in Australia, let her grandfather stay with her for a few days leading up to the attempted robbery of Gander Mountain.

For roughly 20 minutes, jurors heard recorded testimony from Raina Rodriguez, who said she noticed ammunition in Abdullah’s belongings.

She waited six days after his arrest to turn the evidence over to police, based on the advice of her lawyer, and said she didn’t want police to raid her apartment.

This video testimony is something Abdullah’s lawyer had a big issue with in the pre-trial hearing.

It was done on October 20th, the only chance Defense Attorney Matt Ryan had to cross examine Rodriguez.

He requested Judge Dooley subpoena her to appear in court, but that request was denied.

Two Johnson City Police officers, an evidence technician, a State Police investigator, and the owner of the Storage Mall, where those weapons were found, also took the stand.

The trial will resume on Monday due to the Veteran’s Day holiday.