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Broome County Election Night Recap

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The 2017 election night was a big one for the Broome GOP. 

While Democrats outnumber Republicans in the City of Binghamton, voters gave Republican Mayor Rich David a second four year term. Another incumbent win... The Village of Johnson City, where residents re-elected Mayor Greg Deemie.

The only county-wide race, the one for Broome County Clerk, also went red as residents cast their vote for Joe Mihalko, who beat out Dan Livingston. This was the last of the big three races to be called. 

David announced his victory live on Fox 40 News at 10. His challenger, Tarik Abdelazim congratulated his opponent and said he is willing to work with him.

"I congratulate my opponent and again there are four years that he can do some really great work based on a lot of the ideas that we went back and forth on and that I entered in to the discussion.. and so I'm willing to be a genuine partner with him because my commitment and my job is in serving the people of Binghamton," said Abdelazim. 

Abdelazim was the former Director of Planning, and Deputy Mayor during the Ryan administration.