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Abdullah Trial Starts With Opening Arguments, Witness Testimony

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Opening arguments and witness testimony took place today in the trial of a Johnson City man arrested for having a cache of weapons.

Ramadan Abdullah is facing fifteen years in prison if convicted, a sentence his lawyer argued the 65-year-old doesn’t deserve.

Matt Ryan said his client was profiled by police because he is a Muslim American, and the picture he paints of Abdullah is quite different than the one described at a June press conference after his arrest.

Ryan admitted to the jury that Abdullah is an avid gun fan, but also a life-long National Rifle Association member who taught pistol shooting and even helped the FBI.

Prosecutors say Abdullah was caught with a cache of unlicensed firearms, including dozens of large capacity ammunition feeding devices and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Abdullah is facing sixteen weapons charges.

Called to the stand were two former Gander Mountain workers, the store where police say Abdullah tried stealing ammunition back in May, and what led them to the Union storage unit where he stored the weapons.

Jurors also heard from the Johnson City Police investigator who responded to Gander Mountain.

The trial will be continuing this week. Stick with FOX40 for updates.