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Prayer Vigil At House Of Worship Honors 26 Lives Lost In Texas Church Shooting

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A prayer vigil was held at Binghamton’s House of Worship Tuesday afternoon honoring the lives lost in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Twenty-six candles were lit for the twenty-six people killed in the First Baptist Church shooting on Sunday.

House of Worship Pastor Frank Barnett says he’s just doing his part to show love and support during these tragic times.

“I just want to show love and support for the lost family members and we will continue to know that God is still at the head of our lives. We’ll continue to show love no matter what.” - House of Worship Pastor Frank Barnett

Barnett holds vigils at the church every time a tragedy strikes our country or community.

The House of Worship is located at 93 Riverside Drive in Binghamton and was the former home of Beautiful Plain Baptist Church.